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To assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities; Brother Sean Carswell volunteered to serve as an Engineering Training Officer(ETO) and Watch Officer(WO) on the SUNY Maritime Summer Sea Term(SST) 2016 on the Training Ship Empire State(TSES) VI. He took part of the “A” section of the term that consisted of 45 days at sea. Ports of call included Norfolk, VA; Trieste, Italy; and Dublin, Ireland.                                                                                                   sean 1 Brother Carswell in passageway between Lower Engine Room and Auxiliary Machinery Space

As a professor at SUNY Maritime College Brother Carswell saw the need for greater diversity in educators of the cadets. He also wanted to make a difference in the students lives. To accomplish both, he offered his services and expertise to the student body by sailing with them on the SST. Sean 11

Haggan Board showing pressure and temperature of engine room vital equipment

As a ETO, Brother Carswell taught 3rd Class(freshmen going into their sophomore year) on marine engineering principals. Subject included watch standing protocols, boilers, heat exchangers, combustion control and steam principals. This was done during a class room setting during the cadets class days. As an ETO, he developed course content, review material and test. All students successfully passed with an average test average of 86. He also conducted first class(juniors going into their senior year) qualifiers(Q’s) on auxiliary equipment. Q’s are required test mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard for graduating seniors to obtain their Third Assistant Engineering License of Unlimited Tonnage. Sean10

                                                                                                       TSES VI passing two tankers in the Straights of Gibraltar


As a WO, he managed the cadets standing a routing four hour watch on their watch days. His primary goal was the sustainability of the plant during the watch, but allowing the cadets to actively engage and work the plant. During the watch, the cadets monitor all ship systems. Some of the systems include boiler operation, refrigeration, water generation and propulsion.

 sean 2TSES VI tied up at dock in Trieste Italy

Some of the things Brother Carswell did to affect the education received was to effectively petition for the increase in the quantity of rounds done per watch. He also created review sessions with material for students to study for exams. He changed the curriculum by breaking up the exam schedule from one final exam to having quizzes, a midterm exam and a final exam. Several students expressed in reactivating the National Society of Black Engineers chapter at SUNY Maritime College and asked him to assist in bring the chapter back and sit as the advisor.       sean4sean5 Busy street in Dublin Ireland at the River Liffey                           Busy street in Dublin Ireland near Trinity College  

                                                                Brother Carswell enjoying a pint of local brewed ale in Ireland

sean6                                sean7Sean 3

Sunrise over the Mediterranean Ocean                                                                                                                                                                                  Cadets at afternoon formation

    sean9     sean8

Ships preparing to bunker fuel to TSES VI                                                                                                        Cadets preparing to soot blow stacks

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