O.B.M.G. joins forces with the American Professional Mariners Association(A.P.M.A.)

As stated in the last newsletter, the O.B.M.G. has partnered with the American Professional Mariners Association/www.americanmariners.org (A.P.M.A.) and the A.P.M.A. has agreed to give all our members that were in good standing for our 2014-2015 fiscal year, a free year’s membership. We are working with them to do the same for this fiscal year too. The A.P.M.A. will contact you by email and offer you the membership. (The APMA also will not sell your email address.) Basically, the O.B.M.G. and A.P.M.A. joined forces to fulfill our mutual goals to help individuals enter and find career success in the Maritime industry. One of the goals the O.B.M.G. has always had was to improve the education possibilities for African American and minority students by providing scholarships, financial assistance, mentoring, networking, professional development seminars and an education on the history and rich legacy of Blacks and Minorities in the maritime industry. The O.B.M.G.’s role has expanded to include community outreach, recruitment, industry and educational partnerships designed to increase minority participation in the Maritime industry both ashore and afloat. By partnering with the A.P.M.A., the O.B.M.G. will continue to meet our goal as we continue on.

APMA Membership Will include Employee Pricing, Coastal Service Directory, Financial and Retirement Services, A Career Center, News and Connections, and a Mariners Marketplace.

APMA_Banner http://www.americanmariners.org/about-us
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